The Biggest Speech to Text Software Benefits of 2018

speech to text

If you’re looking into using a speech to text software, you may have already tried to seek out some major benefits and potential downsides. One important thing to note: there are no disadvantages.

Regardless of how you use automated speech to text, you will see many suitable perks of your new software. Because there are so many benefits, it’s easier to put them into categories to outline the reasons why everyone should know about the possibilities.

Here are 5 categories that these benefits ly in, then all you need to do is choose your favorite software!

1. Productivity

The time spent speaking is minimal, but typing takes a lot longer. A study on the level of productivity gained when using speech-to-text in the role of a secretary showed using transcription services make the worker 56% more productive. Why? The ease of communication is faster, the workload is lower, and there is a much faster turnaround time from when the meeting or event happened and having an accurately-written account of it.

2. Understanding

Having speech to text software that records your voice (and anyone else’s) and then transforms that recording into text is hugely beneficial, especially in the workplace. This can be used in meetings when brainstorming or collaborating on a piece of work with a colleague. You’re always working towards a complete documentation and speech recognition provides just that.

speech to text

3. Dictation

When you really compare speech to text dictation with handwritten work, it’s clear that speech to text saves time. Speaking out loud and dictating what you’d like to have recorded accurately into an audio file is one of the best ways to get the job done. Rather than writing everything out and taking hours from your day, speaking clearly and concisely can make the process fast and cost-effective.

4. Production

The size of the document is no limit. All companies charge you per minute, so depending on how fast you talk, you could be saving a lot of money. They work in or out of the office and are accessible from your smartphone or tablet. The time spent speaking is far less than the time spent typing, therefore the production level of work is higher, so you can afford to take on a little extra work.

The speech to text software is also extremely flexible, offering start and pause capabilities, it’s easy to come back to.

5. Streamlining

The ease of your software makes tedious jobs become streamlined and simplified. It doesn’t end up being much of a pain to complete a dragged out piece of work because the effort is minimal. There are fewer errors contributing to less frustration and a securer pathway for information transmission, guaranteed to provide a reliable method of documentation.

It’s easy to recommend software that seems to never disappoint any user. Providing many benefits from a simple use, speech to text is a personal item that is credible.

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