How Does It Work?


Upload Files

Start by uploading your files into our automated transcription software. You can upload files from Dropbox and YouTube or just upload any file from your computer.


SpeechPal Magic

In no time, your file will be magically transcribed. We use the most advanced technology in the industry to provide exceptional results at the lowest prices.


Edit, Share & Download

Once your file is completed, you will have the ability to edit and review the transcription directly from your SpeechPal portal. After you are finished you have the option to share or download your completed work.

Simplicity is key

Just drop your audio and video files into our transcription software, sit back and relax, And in no time at all, you will have a high quality transcription.

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Smarter Automation

When we say our automated transcription software is the most affordable and easiest to use, WE MEAN IT! In no time at all, no matter the length of audio, you will have a remarkably high quality transcription ready for use.

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Intuitive Editor

The superhuman SpeechPal editor allows endless possibilities when proofing your transcription. Follow along as your audio plays in the editor, adjust the play speed, fix mistakes and much more.

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What kind of audio works best?

Speech-to-text technology is really smart, yet it can’t produce perfect transcripts. Our automated transcription software will work for just about any file type but below are some standards that will produce the highest quality transcription.

Distinct Speakers

Clear Audio

Low Ambient Noise

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